Environment and OHS Policy

We attach great importance to protecting the environment, prioritizing the safety and health of our employees and respecting social values while carrying out our operations.

  • To implement and continuously improve our Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System with the participation of our employees,
  • To comply with the environmental and administrative regulations as well as industrial obligations, ensure the efficient use of natural resources, to care for the protection of the environment,
  • To ensure that our activities are consistent with sustainable development principles by controlling the impact on the environment and health,
  • To ensure the prevention of pollution, the reduction of waste at source and to maximise recycling by sorting it,
  • To comply with occupational health and safety legislation and administrative regulations and to create a healthy and safe work environment,
  • To take environmental and occupational health and safety factors into consideration for new investments and projects,
  • To raise awareness of, inform and motivate the employees with regard to the environment and OHS.
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